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Opening: New Nuances, Cobra Museum

On July 11th the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen opened the exhibition 'New Nuances'. With the exhibition the museum aims to slightly alter the image of the Cobra movement as a ‘men’s club’. New Nuances shows the work of eight woman artists in and around Cobra. Some of them celebrated artists, some of them completely forgotten. While a number of male artists always feature prominently in the history of Cobra, the female artists who contributed have remained more in the background. New Nuances celebrates the work of eight woman artists (Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, Else Alfelt, Ferdi, Madeleine Szemere-Kemeny, Lotti van der Gaag, Dora Tuynman and Anneliese Hager).

Ferdi is one of the eight artists in this exhibition. The exhibition shows a mix of her welded jewelry from the fifties and her hortisculptures from the sixties.

photos by Ryu Tajiri


An exhibition catalogue will be published with the exhibition Nieuwe Nuances, in which all works from the exhibition are depicted with texts by Hilde de Bruijn and Julia Steenhuisen. The Catalogue will be published in September.

Ferdi as ‘Moonlady’ in Sociëteit de Kring, Amsterdam 1956.

Photo: © Ed van der Elsken / Nederlands Fotomuseum

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