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Catalogue: Freedom - Fifty Key Dutch Artworks since 1968

The exhibition: Freedom - Fifty Key Dutch Artworks since 1968, is now open for public until 12 May 2019. The catalogue, containing the Fifty Key Dutch artworks with an essay by Hans den Hartog Jager, is now available in Dutch and English.

In Freedom Hans den Hartog Jager brings together the most important works of art produced in the Netherlands over the past fifty years. The selection presented in this book is a subjective one, and that’s precisely the point: in these very times, when history is constantly being rewritten, Den Hartog Jager revives the discussion on the milestones in Dutch art. Which artists represent our day and age? And what does this say about how we look at the world?

The catalogue starts off with an essay on Ferdi and her work Clementine's Dream, 1968.

Interested in ordering the catalogue? click here.

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