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Article in her. magazine: Ferdi - Rediscovering My Grandmother

Ferdi's granddaughter, Tanéa Ferdi Tajiri, has been involved with the legacy of both of her grandparents, Shinkichi and Ferdi Tajiri. For the newest spring/summer edition, volume 6, she was invited to share her story in her. magazine.

The article: Ferdi - Rediscovering My Grandmother is a ten page spread that shares Tanéa's story on how she rediscovered Ferdi, the grandmother she never knew. Tanéa, who now has the same age as Ferdi had when she was in Paris in the 1950's, reflects on the story of a young and unconventional woman who was not afraid to undertake anything she set her mind too. The article contains a personal point of view on Ferdi's work, her fashion sense and her vision along with photo's by: Ed van der Elsken, Leonard Freed, Ad Petersen, Eddy Posthuma de Boer, Frans Zwartjes and Egon Notermans.

To read the article, please click here.

Tanéa Ferdi Tajiri showing the last spread of the article: Ferdi - Rediscovering My Grandmother, where she is being featured with both of her grandparents.

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