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Ferdi in Scheltema's shop display

One of the largest bookstores in Holland, Scheltema based in Amsterdam, appointed their shop display to the exhibition 'Freedom' that opened at museum de Fundatie in Zwolle. The exhibition shows fifty Dutch key works curated by art-critic Hans den Hartog Jager. The exhibition starts off with the work 'Clementine's Dream' made by Ferdi in 1968.

In 2018 the Shinkichi Tajiri Estate made the publication: Ferdi Hortisculpture. This publication about the life and work of the artist Ferdi (Ferdina Tajiri-Jansen, 1927-1969) contains two volumes in a slipcovered box. The first volume is the facsimile edition (67% reduced size) of the original Ferdi book (a Monument in Print) edited and printed by Shinkichi Tajiri on a A.B. Dick A4 Office Offset Press and contained 360 pages, printed at 500 copies. It was presented a year after his wife’s death and accompanied a retrospective show of her work at the Gemeentemuseum Arnhem in 1970. It contains contributions from a close group of international artist friends; poems, letters, drawings, paintings, photographs, reviews, as well as her life story shown in images. The second volume reviews Ferdi’s life and work after 40 years, with new text contributions by Miriam Westen (curator Modern Art/Gemeentemuseum Arnhem), Frank van de Schoor (curator Modern Art/Museum het Valkhof), Sylvia Nicolas (artist). It shows formerly unpublished material and photographs by Eddy Postuma de Boer, Ed van der Elsken, Leonard Freed, Ata Kando, Ad Petersen, Frans Zwartjes and Bram Wisman. ISBN 978-90-809629-4-1 Pages: 364 / first volume Pages: 176 / second volume

Format: Hardcover, full-color

Published: 2008

Language: Dutch /English Shinkichi Tajiri, Giotta Tajiri & Ryu Tajiri, TASHA BV (Shinkichi Tajiri Estate), Baarlo

This publication is available for purchase, to order please contact:

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